The University of Oregon doesn’t have the only team in Oregon that knows logistics! The business of helping people buy and sell real estate is a complicated one with lots of moving parts.  From initial awareness, lead generation, winning a listing, managing a team, and closing a deal; each individual activity can boost your bottom line.  But in isolation none of these activities will help you succeed; you do these simultaneously and more.   In order to manage it all and to focus your resources and staff to deliver the highest ROI possible, it takes logistics. Managing it all on your own without help of some kind is practically impossible.  Enter the help you need: RPS Platinum.  Real Pro Systems know logistics, and RPS Platinum was built for agents by agents who know the complexity of the business and who live those moving parts every day in their own businesses. With RPS Platinum, all of your key online business and lead management tools are consolidated into a single system, giving you unprecedented visibility, insight and control over your logistics.  Over the next several weeks we will highlight the different components of RPS Platinum. First up will be the business dashboard.

 Think for a moment about your numbers for last year:  Numerous agents, dozens (if not hundreds) of sales, prices running the gamut, and leads from many different sources.  How did you keep track of it all? The RPS Platinum business dashboard shows the entire business pipeline at a glance, consolidating key data from each agent’s individual dashboard.   This single screen uniquely tracks leads, active prospects, pending deals, and closed deals.   In addition, this screen tracks website visitors, incubation activities and emails sent. Having this information available at a glance is invaluable.  Now, you can cover all of those moving parts that are often so difficult to nail down.  In time, the RPS Platinum business dashboard allows you to predict future business opportunities and pinpoint potential problems in business flow. For more information RPS Platinum or a product demonstration contact our experienced sales consultants at 541.743.8510 or