Grow your business with Real Pro SystemsWhen we talk with Real Estate Coaches and Mentors, one of the universal pieces of advice is to get a robust CRM and use it to stay in contact with potential and current clients. Before you can really decide which CRM is best for you, what exactly is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. It allows you to collect relevant information about your leads and clients, and store it in an organized manner. This organized content will provide you the opportunity to deliver messages to your clients and leads based on location, behavior, interests, and more! The more information you collect, the better able you are to deliver personalized messaging to your clients and leads.

Relationships > transactions

In real estate, relationships are higher on the priority list. The most successful agents say referrals account for the majority of their business, which means that they have established relationships with their clients and become a trusted service provider.  When you focus on relationships first, transactions will follow.

It’s not a bill, it’s an investment

Mindset matters.  Real estate professionals have heard this time and again. Successful agents invest 6x as much in technology and 10x as much in marketing than those who haven’t experienced success, yet.  When you think of technology and marketing as something you spend money on, you’re less likely to follow through with your goals.  When you see it as an investment, your mindset changes to one of opportunity instead of lack.

Using a CRM, like Real Pro Systems, will provide you the opportunity to establish yourself as a credible and trusted adviser in your client’s home sale or purchase.  

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