Today we take a look at how to use social media to your SEO advantage. As the internet becomes more social and interactive, it’s becoming ever important that our online marketing strategy has a social approach as well. Did you realize Facebook has over 850 million users, Twitter has over 465 million, LinkedIn has over 130 million and Google+ has topped 100 million users? This is a huge pool of potential visitors that you should be taping into. Social media outlets allow you to easily distribute your content quickly from person to person. As one user shares/tweets/likes your content it automatically increases the potential for conversion rates of your website. This also increases your importance in the eye of the search engines. There are several reports that Google is putting more emphasis on Google+ data during the search engine spider’s crawl. So be sure you claim your Google+ business page. Include a Photo of Yourself –Yes, including a photo of yourself in your profile picture can increase your network on various social media outlets. Social media is just that… social. Let others see just who they’re interacting with. Be Active – It’s important that you set aside some time to engage with your users. Offer them something worth reading. Offer a nice mix of business and non-business content. Reply to user’s comments, re-tweets, etc. Share what other people have to say if you find it useful. Call to Action – Don’t hesitate to ask people to follow you. When posting a link, ask users to give it a visit. When posting a house listing, ask your users to pass the listing along to anyone they feel may benefit. Social Media Buttons – Make it easy for others to find your social media profiles by including buttons on your website, on your blog posts and includes links in your email address. The easier you make it for people to find you the more users you will have. Be Consistent – Have you visited a Facebook page only to realize the owner of the page hasn’t bothered posting in last eight months? Why would you want to return? You probably don’t. It’s important to post regularly. I’m not talking once every hour, but taking 30 minutes to an hour a day is not too much to ask. Even if you’re not posting new content yourself each day, at least respond to your users and share content.