charting-a-course-580x358We all know that to get to any destination, we must first know where we are.  That couldn’t be truer with your real estate career.  Getting your bearings and deciding a path for success can make an enormous difference. In our last post, we talked about how Mindset Matters when you’re preparing yourself for success.

Focus on “How”

Once you know your why, begin working on the “how”.  How will you get to where you want to be? The answer everyone immediately comes up with, “close more transactions” is actually your “what”.

Think of it this way: when you plan a vacation, you plan in the correct order.  You decide where/why you want to go, then how you’ll get there, and then what you’ll do when you arrive.  Your business planning should go accordingly, as well.

You decide you want to help people during transitions of their lives. (This is your why.)
You will find these people by clearly defining your target audience. Know where they are.  Know who they spend time with.  Know what they like to do.  Be in those places.  If you are looking to sell the homes of men and women who are transitioning to a smaller space because they’re empty nesters, you will need to know how to reach them and what messages spark their interest. (This is your how.)

Once you reach those people, you will sell their homes. (This is your what.)

Creating a plan of action will ensure that you follow a strategic path that will set you up for success. 

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