So you’ve followed some great advice and not only do you have a website, but you’ve decided to employ a stealth marketing strategy to promote the services you offer to consumers. Like any strategy, your stealth websites won’t work magic on their own, they need nurturing. As a Real Pro Systems’ client you’ll find a host of samples and templates available to you, at no cost, in your admin panel, under “Resource Center.” Capturing visitor information is becoming increasingly difficult as buyers become savvier using the Internet to drive their search, making the role of targeted stealth sites that much more important. These simple, lightly-branded sites can be powerful tools to generate leads if they are marketed successfully. The first step is to drive traffic to your stealth sites. Driving targeted traffic to a stealth site can be done in a multitude of ways including traditional offline and online marketing strategies. And we can help! Five Tips for Stealth Site Lead Generation: 1. Postcard Campaign Print is NOT dead! In fact, a sustained postcard campaign to a farming area can be tremendously successful. By far the most effective postcards are those which address the pain of the consumer and provide a clear call to action. For instance, if you are driving traffic to a CMA site, your postcard could address the question “What is my home worth in today’s market?” while also providing a quick and easy way to obtain the answer, like “Visit to find out how much your home is worth in today’s market. It’s fast, free and automated.” We know how challenging it can be to make these postcards. In an effort to insure that you receive all of the tools that you need, we’ve developed several postcard templates for our clients that are available in your control panel in both PDF and Microsoft Publisher file formats. Bonus tip: The United States Postal Service has made direct mail postcards a simple process with the development of the Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM) service. This program makes sending postcards to a farm area fast, easy and inexpensive. Get started today by visiting 2. Property Flyers Ads Property fliers present a marketing opportunity for those consumers who might not click with the home that they are viewing. Instead of wasting all of that white space on the back of the flyer, why not offer the next steps to finding their dream home by directing them to one or both your stealth sites. By creating a half page ad for your email home search stealth site and a half page CMA site, you’re able to target both buyers and sellers! Examples of these ads are available in the resource center. Remember that the most effective ads will be the ones that provide a consistent message promoting your stealth site. 3. Business Card Ads Another effective print strategy was introduced to us by one of our clients, Jason O’Neil, who created a double-sided business card sized ad to promote his stealth sites. On one side he created an ad for his email home search site, and on the other side an ad for his CMA site. These business card ads are a great way to promote your stealth sites locally in places that encourage you to leave business cards, such as coffee shops. Bonus tip: A business card sized ad is also perfect for print publications. Have you ever purchased an ad for the PTA or some other publication that asked for your business card? Using this in the ad instead helps you stand out and drives traffic to your stealth site! 4. Magazine & Newspaper Ads (TOMA) One of the most important things to remember with marketing is that it takes seven marketing impressions before someone typically takes action, which means you need to repeatedly stay top-of-mind. One great way to stay top-of-mind is with a TOMA ad. This type of advertising works well in newspapers and magazines. They are typically cost-conscious black and white ads, but they provide a coherent message and call to action that can generate a substantial amount of traffic over time. Samples of TOMA ads that you can employ today can be found within your Real Pro Systems admin panel under the resources tab. 5. Pay Per Click Marketing By their very nature, stealth sites have been optimized for relevancy and lead conversion as each landing page addresses a single field, which makes them optimal for pay per click advertising. Consumer confidence increases and they are more likely to fill out the lead capture form when they are assured that they landed on the right page with consistent messaging from ad to landing page. Real Pro Systems offers two different pay per click programs for buyer lead generation available at the RPS Gold PLUS and RPS Platinum levels. Please contact your sales representative at 541-743-8500 for more information. Marketing your stealth sites doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. The Real Pro Systems resource center provides you with a plethora of tips, templates and examples of stealth site lead generation marketing strategies. Let us help you get started generating leads today!