When it comes to lead generation there are no one-size-fits all plans. Reality is that most agents are using multiple sources to ensure that lead flow is consistent and that they are not dependent on a single source. Unfortunately when you generate leads in different places, you are often reliant on different systems to follow up and house the leads. This process can be disjointed- trying to remember which system does what, which one you’ve logged into today and, ultimately, things get missed. It doesn’t have to be that way! Real Pro Systems helps you automatically consolidate and distribute your leads with our Automated Lead Import tool. In the past three years, we’ve grown our import list to over thirty-five commercial sources including Zillow, Trulia, Proquest, Realtor.com, VoicePad and many, many more. This real-time lead import provides an automated way to consolidate all of your leads across multiple lead sources. This means that as soon as you receive a lead from any one of these systems, they flow directly into your RPS Silver, RPS Gold PLUS or RPS Platinum control panel and automated drip system. There is no need to worry about notifications or distribution because as soon as a new lead arrives, it is distributed by the business rules you set and you’ll get a notification, just as you do for leads that have come from the Real Pro Systems sources. This automation saves you hours of tedious effort to get all of your leads into a single system. What’s more, there is no charge for this service! Don’t Wait Any Longer For a full list of the sources we support or to start automatically importing leads today contact your client care representative at 541.743.8500.