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“Follow-up campaigns and newsletters have made my business more productive.”

Jason O’Neil
Sothebys Encore Sotheby’s International
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Smart agents know that building a loyal clientele requires staying in touch with clients and prospects on a continual basis. Historically, agents have done so with postcards, mailed newsletters, birthday cards, and so on. As more and more home buyers and sellers integrate email into their daily lives, an email newsletter becomes a far more practical solution.

First of all, email is far less expensive than sending a paper newsletter in the mail. But it is also far more flexible, and can produce much faster response from the recipients. Let’s look at the reasons why.

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Flexible – You can easily add content to Real Pro Systems’ electronic newsletter (e-newsletter), even at the last minute. Since the format is HTML, you can include pictures, charts of data, or links to articles of interest on the web. And the most important link to include is to your own web site!

Faster Response – A printed piece of paper can make an enticing call to action, but responding to that call always means the prospect has to shift another medium in order to respond; making a phone call, visiting a web site, etc. You lose a lot of interest in the time it takes for the prospect to follow up.

When an electronic newsletter includes a call to action, it can be executed by the prospect immediately. It might be a link to new properties for sale, or a reply email button so a recipient can ask a question. The speed of the internet can make a huge difference in your ability to turn prospects into clients.

Reusable Content- Real Pro Systems’ approach to an electronic newsletter gets double duty out of the content. Every monthly newsletter is posted on your agent website, so web visitors who are not on your mailing list can also read your newsletter.

Easy to Pass On – An electronic newsletter arrives as an email. As a result, the recipient can forward it to one or more people they know with a click of the mouse. In each issue you can ask the recipient to forward it to anyone they know who might be interested in buying or selling a house. In the case of an email message that is so easy to do that you are far more likely to get referrals than with “snail” mail.

For these reasons and more, an electronic newsletter is one of the lowest cost yet most effective ways to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. And as you know, the more you are in front of your prospects, the better the chances they will call you when they are ready to do business.