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Jason O’Neil
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As more and more marketing organizations leverage the convenience of email to get their messages out, many have abused its intent by sending unwanted promotional messages (“spam”). The challenge for agents today is to build a database of prospects and reach them via email, while complying with all relevant regulations and conventional practices. A high-quality auto-response and drip email system keeps you in regular communication and in compliance.

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An auto-response email message is a message that is sent automatically in response to an inquiry. For example, if a client visits your website and emails you a question, you could use an auto-responder to immediately reply to the message, acknowledging that you have received it, and indicating when they can expect to hear from you.

An email “drip” campaign is a series of email messages that are sent out on a schedule. For example, if someone requested home search information from you via email, you would send that information back to them over email. But if you make “opting in” to receive your messages a condition for receiving that home search information, you are now free to enroll the prospect in a drip campaign designed for home buyers.

The drip campaign serves several purposes. First, a good automated email message will be delivered on branded email stationery. Second, the quick response from the initial inquiry creates a very favorable impression. Third, sending our regular messages keep your brand on the top of the prospect‘s mind. And fourth, a well-written campaign with appropriate calls to action can trigger a response from the prospect that leads to a live conversation.

You can create a drip campaign to serve any purpose- buyers, sellers, vacation properties, investment properties, and the like. The key is to be able to group your email addresses according to their interests, and then enroll them in the appropriate drip campaign, based on how the lead came to you.

Drip email campaigns have the effect of incubating leads from early-stage “tire kickers” until they are ready to move on buying or selling a home. Good drip campaigns keep these “lookers” engaged so that when they are ready to speak with an agent, they’ll call you.

Real Pro Systems provides a rich follow-up system as part of its Gold, Silver, and Lender products. This follow-up system includes a drip email campaign capability. RPS Silver and Real Pro Lender come with one prepared general follow-up campaign, but you are free to create others. RPS Gold comes with three prepared campaigns (optionally four). Since all of our systems include a powerful lead management system, it’s easy to group email addresses by area of interest and enroll them in the appropriate drip campaigns.

The result is that you can “work” hundreds or thousands of leads almost effortlessly, by letting the system do the work. These are leads that initially wouldn’t be worth your time, but using the power of drip email, can be incubated into strong prospects over time.