Have you ever wished that leads you generate with another company’s tool could somehow automagically load into your Real Pro Silver, Gold, or Platinum system so you could send drip messages, newsletters, etc.? We are developing technology to make that easier. It’s not ready for prime time yet, but you can help us get it there! We would like to know which lead sources are the most important to you, and then we can develop a priority list for implementation. Our solution “reads” the lead notification messages generated by other tools. We will provide a special email address for you, and you set up your other tool to send the lead notification emails to that address (in addition to where they go now). So when you think of lead sources that you wish could feed directly into our products, be sure to only tell us about lead sources that generate a lead notification email. Send a message to us at marketing@realprosystems.com, and tell us what are your most important lead sources that you wish could just automatically go into your agent system. We’ll let each of you know as we complete our support for a lead source you mention!