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Real Pro Systems is proud to present an Agent Success Story.

Galand Haas is a top producing agent in Eugene and he is one of the original founders of Real Pro Systems. Mr. Haas leveraged his integrated IDX system in his RPS Platinum to boost his URL to position number one and number 2 on the first page of GOOGLE.

When a home buyer types in ‘homes near eugene golf course’ Mr. Haas’ website shows on the first page of GOOGLE right below Zillow. He is competing with the Goliath very successfully on these keywords. And when a home buyer types in ‘oakway golf course homes’ he ranks number one on the first page of GOOGLE.

Achieving this was as simple as creating a niche market page through his integrated IDX account. Here are the steps he took in order to start having his site rank #1 and #2 on GOOGLE.

Step one:

Create a polygon map search around the area you want to become the community expert in. Choose your area wisely. In this example Mr. Haas choose a small neighborhood that surrounds a poplar golf course in Eugene Oregon. Discover the hot areas people visit in your community. Choose a neighborhood around your local colleges or choose a neighborhood that offers fantastic restaurants. Remember that home buyers are doing their research online about communities before they choose the best location for their home purchase. Make sure you are available to them when they start to look into these communities.

Step two:

Choose the tail URL to match the topic you want to be perceived as a community expert in. Mr. Haas chose to name his URL ‘/oakway-golf-course-real-estate’. This is part of the SEO equation on why his URL ranks high when you search for ‘homes near eugene golf course’.

Step three:

Write content on your page that is pertinent to the community. Remember to scatter those keywords that home buyers might type out when researching those communities.

Step four:

Create links from your page that relate to the community. Mr. Haas created an internal page that gives the home buyer more information about that neighborhood. Once again there are keywords scattered throughout that pertain to the niche community with outbound links to places of interest such as the Oakway Golf Courses official website.
With an integrated IDX in an RPS system, agents and brokers can take these steps to become the perceived community expert and improve their site’s SEO ranking. Address these two imperative business issues with one powerful integrated tool in our lead generation and conversion web system.

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