Become our next success story!

Real Pro Systems is proud to present an Agent Success Story.

Phone interview with Darel Handley who just retired and has been a client with Real Pro Systems for 10 years. Listen to how his Real Pro Systems aided his success and retirement plans.

Darel: I think my number one feature was the home search stealth site. That is typically why people go to the internet. They are looking for houses and so I had a URL and that made me a lot of money over the years and I was very happy with it. Again it was part of an integrated system so they would go there they would sign up and get the automatic emails. Automatic emails were sent out when something new came on the market. And everything like that so I think that was part of the system that I used the most. It was very successful for me.

Celeste: Yes, the stealth systems really do just work well. It’s a fantastic way to bring in lead generation online without making a home buyer or seller feel committed to an agent. Once the drip emails start triggering in and start sending email blasts to these leads that come through then those email campaigns will slowly start to introduce themselves to the agent. Once they are ready to jump on buying or selling a home they are already know of you and your brands been reinforced over time.

Darel: Then they go on a drip email campaign and those campaigns are so well written. If you have time for a quick story I will tell you one. I was with a company and left for another company. I was gone for about 6 months and I got a call from one of my former peers and he said, “Hey, this lady called the office today and asked that you call her back.” I said, “Well what is her name?” He said, “Betty.” I said, “Betty? Well what is her phone number?” He said, “She didn’t leave a phone number and she acted like you two were best friends. You need to call her since her and her husband was looking for a house.” So I thought you’re kidding me. So when I got home I looked into my database and looked up all the Bettys and I looked at the last time they looked at houses. So I decided this one might be here so I gave it a shot. So I called her and said, “Hey Betty, its Darel.” She said, “Oh I’m so glad you called me.” I had never spoken with this lady on the phone all she got was these emails from me from the drip email campaign. I had never met her in person. She mentioned this house went on the market yesterday and she and her husband really want to go see it. So I went to show her the house and it was the only house I showed her and they bought it.

Celeste: That’s amazing!

Darel: That is amazing! It doesn’t happen every day but if it did I may not retire. But that just goes to show you the integration that I think all agents need. You need to have a database that you can find Betty.

Celeste: We have heard that story before. That actually happened to Rob Levy, he sent us an email mentioning he listed home for 1.3 million and mentioned he never talked to this person once. But through the email campaign that way it looked like he stayed in touch with him for year. Real Pro Systems made him look like they were best friends.

Darel: Yep, it works. It absolutely works.