QR Code- Give It a Try!

These funny looking images that remind you of barcodes have been popping up seemingly everywhere these days, in just about every industry you can imagine.  QR codes on hamburger wrappers in Japan give nutritional information; codes in magazines give ‘behind the scenes’ content.  Wine bottles, album covers and many, many more applications are making QR almost common place. A QR code is nothing more than a machine-readable two dimensional image, not unlike a barcode.   These are read by scanners or by applications on smart phones  to direct the user to a number of things including, text, images or any URL.  They are a fast and easy way to connect offline marketing with online initiatives.  QR codes make it much easier for people to visit you online.  But what’s more, you can  actually track the effectiveness of a print campaign through web analytics! What are some of the real estate applications and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy?  We have a couple of ideas:

Using QR Codes- Sign Rider

Sign riders- Adding a QR to your sign rider can be a fast and convenient way for buyers to get additional information about the home as they are standing out in front of the house.  No more lost opportunities when the home runs out of property flyers!  For example, you could have a QR code that directs the reader to a website page that provides photos, detailed descriptions, and even documents about the property. Stealth Site Ads- Looking to drive additional traffic to your stealth sites? Why not try using a QR code?  You can create postcards for your farm area, place the code on the back of your property flyers, your business cards or even in your banner advertising!  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Property flyers- Provide a QR code on your property flyers directing potential buyers back to your website for more information, additional pictures, documents and even the virtual tour.

Property Flyers with QR Codes

Real Pro Systems just added auto generated QR codes to the PDF property flyers for all of our systems.  That means without your having to do anything, your property flyers generated by your Real Pro Systems solution already have a QR code integrated and ready to go!  These auto-generated QR codes send users to the specific web page that provides the details for the property. Event or Open House Information- You can create a QR code to provide additional information about upcoming events or even directions and the date and time for an open house. The list goes on…  Think of QR codes as your way to make print clickable!   Use QR codes to help direct people to the information they are looking for, whether it is property information or promotional materials or directions- prospects and clients alike will appreciate the direct access to the information they were looking for! Want to use QR codes and need the 411 of getting going?  The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. First you need a QR Code generator.   There are many to choose from,  we suggest QRreateBuzz because it provides superior tracking.
  2. In order for you and your clients to read the QR codes you have generated, you need to download a QR code reader to your smart phone.   Go to the Market or to your iTunes account and download one.
  3. You’re ready to go!

Are you already using QR codes in your marketing?  Share with us some of the clever ways you have used them!