One of the best parts of my job as a Marketing Manager is I have the privilege of hearing from our clients.  We have been so fortunate over the years to receive unsolicited testimonials from some amazing people.  We received this fantastic letter a couple of days ago from a long-time client out of Maui, Fred Hayood and I just had to share: 

“Thanks for the tips… I bought into Real Pro Systems when I heard about it from my fellow Star Power stars, Rob Levy and Galand Haas. We are super stoked with the system as I have signed up over 8,000 buyers looking to buy on Maui. I do not do any newspaper, Homes & Land or postcards and life is easier dealing with more buyers and fewer sellers than ever before.  I receive daily emails about buyers coming and how stoked they are with my “incredible follow up” unlike all the other brokers they have dealt with. They just want listings!!! I have never changed the email campaign although some of it does not pertain to Maui living… I have had more “one showing sales” than ever before and I expect the tsunami to hit with many more buyers awakening in 2 or 3 years out when they sell their mainland homes so I am getting my kids ready to help the surge of buyers.

The “One Showing Sale” is a result of your incredible Real Pro Systems hunting like a dog who brings back the bird (the property they like) and drops it at your feet (the email). I would like to add that you have to stay on your system with inputting, checking and double checking that folks are receiving their info and more importantly to remove them immediately upon request.

 I have not placed ads, I have not sent postcards however I only do pay per click which is by far the best system but signing in 50 new leads in a weekend is really tough to input on a Monday! Sometimes, we shut down pay per click when my assistant leaves for vacation as I do not do this… and there are too many leads and not being on top of them brings some nasty comments…

 I thought you would like to hear this unsolicited comment from me on how much I love this system. Thanks everyone there and you may use this letter for whatever as I owe you big time!”

  Thanks Fred- we love hearing it!!