When something this exciting comes along, it’s natural to have questions.  We have answers for you!

While a striking 48% of research begins on search engines, mobile app usage has overtaken mobile website usage, with 90% of screen time on mobile devices being spent using apps. By staying ahead of the curve on this trend, you are able to be where your prospects are already spending time before most of your competition.

What’s the point of having my own personal app?

Having your own personalized app will allow you to stay in front of and in touch with new home shoppers at crucial points in their search.  89% of new home shoppers are using mobile devices to find their new home.  Mobile apps are being used by 68% of home shoppers.

Where do prospects get my app?

Your app will be available to every cellular carrier and hosted in both the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users.

Is there a charge to download?

Your personalized app is FREE for users.  So that you have maximum visibility, prospects are never charged to download or use the app.

Will my clients see only my listings?

In order to offer your clients the most accurate, updated information, listings will use MLS technology.  However, all calls and emails go to you, no matter who the listing agent is.

How do they find the neighborhoods they’re most interested in?

The search option in your app will allow your prospects to find any available house in any neighborhood.  Using the “Map” feature, they can also see available listings in their favorite neighborhoods. 

Can they save their favorite listings?

Not only can your prospects save their favorite homes, they can even share them with spouses, friends, and family.  The ability to share their favorites keeps the conversation going and gets others engaged (which becomes a referral opportunity for you).

Will my app integrate with my CRM?

Your app features basic integration to keep you in sync and on the go.

What other features does it have?

Your personalized app also has a mortgage calculator, and an option to find a lender to get your prospect qualified.  These two important tools keep your home buyer focused on moving forward in the process.

Why do I need an App if I already have a mobile website?

You’re a real estate pro, and have leads coming from multiple sources. Zillow, Trulia, and mobile sites help an agent establish credibility and help with lead generation. Your App allows to you to convert those leads by keeping your information in front of the prospect.

My MLS/Corporate office already has an app to use?  Why should I get my own?

On the surface, using your corporate app seems convenient.  However, it can be a hassle for more than a few reasons:

– Most MLS apps require a multi step sign-in process.  Because of complicated onboarding processes like that, up to 25% of your prospects may delete the app after the very first use.

 Corporate apps aren’t dedicated to one particular agent, so users must find their way to your name.  In some cases, they could be distracted by other functions in the app and never make it to your contact information.

 Should you ever move to a different brokerage, your corporate app won’t go with you.

Your personal Agent App from Real Pro Systems is different!

 Users download your app, already pre-populated with your information.

 Your app requires a single-step sign up process, with minimal information requested, so you can stay in contact with your prospect.

 You own your app, so it goes where you go! 

How does the app integrate with my website?

If you’ve ever visited your bank’s mobile website on your smartphone, you’ve likely been prompted to download the mobile app.  In order to provide a more dynamic user experience, visitors to your mobile website will be prompted to download your PERSONAL Agent App.  

As a bonus, we’ll also provide the code you can use to share in email and social media so you can get in front of passive prospects, former clients, and influencers in your sphere.


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