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Closed $85,670 in gross commissions…

“We have closed $85,670 in gross commissions from our RPS Gold site alone. Our marketing expenditures for this program have totaled $5,380 YTD, which represents a 94% return on investment. We would have never had the opportunity to serve these clients without our RPS Gold Site. What’s more is that we will enroll these new clients in our client appreciation follow-up programs and will continue to earn referrals for years to come.”

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With more than 1.3 million Realtors in the United States and Canada, cutting through the noise of the industry to get to your potential client can be challenging and time consuming. How do you get, and keep, the attention of valuable prospects and clients?

Start by thinking differently about your clients

Have you heard the saying, “Everyone wants to buy, but nobody wants to be sold.”NoOneWantsToBeSold

Every client has a lifetime value – that is, the financial worth of a client over the course of your business relationship.  The quality of that relationship lies in that very last word: relationship.  

It may surprise you to know that some agents view their clients as transactions – even going so far as to refer to Mr. & Mrs. Smith as the address of the house. “Brindle St is calling again.” or “The condo on 13th seems to be having a hard time accepting an offer.”  This type of depersonalization may make it easier to keep track of a client base, but it has an impact on how that relationship can flourish.  Imagine referring to your parents as “the people on 6th” or your children as “the renters on Starker Ave.”

It starts with getting control

When you have an overwhelming number of clients, homes, and offers to keep track of, compartmentalizing makes it easier.  Instead, however, I’d suggest getting control over the information you’re managing.  Using a dynamic marketing management tool, such as Real Pro Systems, allows you to retain the critical information you need to keep track of, while allowing you to focus on building relationships, which turn into valuable referrals.  You can work on nurturing leads, handling transactions, and staying in front of all contacts in your system with one, solid platform.

No one likes that guy

It’s important to note that approaching your client as a person, rather than a transaction, means that it’s unwise to continually talk only about your business.  If you had a friend and all they talked about was facts and figures about their business, you’d be unlikely to spend a lot of time with them.  Same rules apply to business relationships.  Talk with your client about their lives, their families, their jobs.  Share friendly information about your own.  And while doing that, offer relevant information when it’s appropriate.  Real Pro System’s tools, such as eNewsletters, Email Blasts, and Blog-to-Twitter Integration, can help.

Create and cultivate 

Sadly, people are accustomed to being thought of as transactions by the businesses they work with.  But once you show them that you’re different, they will look at you as more than just someone who helped them buy or sell a home. When you provide value and service, your clients will be happy to keep you around, as well as offer referrals!

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