Let’s face it: Facebook fans can be picky and self-absorbed. It’s all about them! You want them to “Like” you, and they know it, but how do you get them to press that little blue button? You have to impress them, Intrigue them, indulge them, engage them and keep them coming back for more. Your potential fans may be surfing the web for new homes and top notch Realtors, or they could just be scrolling through breaking news and funny LOL cat videos when your business page pops up on their radar. Boom! There you are. Are you likeable or not? Remember these five steps to get and keep the Like: Impress them: 96% of people who visit your biz page will never return. You’ve got one chance to make a good impression. You wouldn’t show up to a first meeting with a potential client wearing your worn-out bathrobe and fuzzy slippers right? (Ok, I’m just assuming you wouldn’t, but I’m not here to judge!) Your Facebook business landing page is a big part of your brand’s persona, so wrap it up in a professionally branded package that’s consistent with the rest of your brand identity. If you don’t already have a Real Pro Systems Facebook Page, it’s time to get one (but you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?) Intrigue Them: When you ask Fans if you can market to them, they want to know what’s in it for them.  Are you interesting because you sell homes? Of course you are, but there are a lot of Realtors out there. Be memorable. Think about what makes you interesting to a new fan. Is it your industry experience and knowledge? Your involvement in the local community? Your sense of humor? Your dog? Show us! Post pictures, videos, and links that help your fans get to know you on a personal level. Yes, you want to keep your business page on the professional side (probably best not to post those lampshade-on-the-head pictures taken at your brother’s birthday party 10 years ago) but there’s nothing wrong with showing your fans your personality, and talking about your life, not just your work. People want to work with real people, not airbrushed headshots with perfect hair who push listings on them all day. Engage Them: Create content, start a conversation, and get social! The more you interact with your audience, the more relevant you become, and the more they’ll remember you when it’s time to buy or sell their home, or refer a friend. Ask questions to inspire dialogue, and always like your readers’ comments, and respond to them personally. Stay current; check in several times a week. Even spending ten minutes a day on your page will make a big difference in building your Facebook fan community, and your client base. Indulge Them: Pay attention to your fans, and make them feel special. Spend some time on their pages, liking their content, too. Go the extra mile and find interesting links that are relevant to them, and share it on their pages. Work to establish an active community on your page that supports each other. You don’t have to be everyone’s best friend, just be their best Realtor. Keep Them Coming Back for More: Once you’ve gained trust and credibility with your fans, keep talking! Real Pro Systems integrates your website activity into your Facebook wall feed, helping you stay current with your Facebook visitors. Updates and images from your latest blog posts and featured listings are shared automatically, keeping fans informed and up to date. Make sure all your business correspondence includes a “Join us on Facebook” button or page link, and gently remind them to “Like” you. But try not to be too needy! Friends don’t spam friends, so be mindful of how much marketing information you send or push to your fans. Focus on building real conversations and relationships with your fans, but most importantly, just be yourself (or a slightly better version of yourself!) on Facebook. If you’re a good friend in real life, you can be a good friend online. If your fans appreciate you and remember you on Facebook, they’re more likely to turn into clients when they need help with all things real estate. And they’ll like you in real life, too.