When it comes to marketing online you have two distinct audiences:

  • Potential leads and clients
  • Search engines

Do you want to increase your online marketing power? Make sure your listings are visible to search engines! The foundation of a Real Pro Systems website is an architecture that is extremely “search engine friendly.” All of the content on your website can be readily indexed, including your featured properties.
Some websites don’t do a good job at this even when listings are loaded directly onto the site. But what’s more, many websites rely on an IDX service to present an agent’s listings.  These websites present this IDX information inside “frames.” Even though you can see your listings on your website, since search engines can’t see what’s inside of a frame it cannot index your listings. And if that’s the case, your most important website content is being ignored. Our approach is to fully integrate with an IDX. This not only means enabling site visitors to search all properties in the MLS, it also means we automatically load your listings onto your website so the content can easily be seen and indexed by search engines. With an IDX that is truly integrated, your website visitors have a better search experience. Framed information often is presented in a way that is clunky and confusing, and in a style that looks very different from your website.
Our IDX integration means that when the listing information is loaded onto your site, you get SEO credit for the content, and you can market your listings with confidence. As a result, the listings on a Real Pro Systems website are not only indexed but come up in the top of the search engine results. Since integration means that your listing information is pulled directly from the MLS to populate on your site it means no more loading listings to the MLS and then entering them a second time on your website! Are you tired of setting up visitors on recurring searches day in and day out? IDX integration automates the process of setting up of recurring searches, so you don’t have to! Here at Real Pro Systems we know how valuable it can be to have a truly integrated IDX solution available to you. For the month of October we are offering special savings on our IDX solutions! From now until the end of October, you will save $300 on the set up of a Real Pro Gold agent system when you add the Integrated IDX option. (*Savings of $300 can be achieved by combining a Real Pro Gold and IDX offer; $200 off Gold setup/$100 IDX setup). This offer will NOT last, to take advantage of it call a sales representative today.  541.743.8500.