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Closed $85,670 in gross commissions…

“We have closed $85,670 in gross commissions from our RPS Gold site alone. Our marketing expenditures for this program have totaled $5,380 YTD, which represents a 94% return on investment. We would have never had the opportunity to serve these clients without our RPS Gold Site. What’s more is that we will enroll these new clients in our client appreciation follow-up programs and will continue to earn referrals for years to come.”

– Jason Bowman – VIEW SITE


It’s no secret that today’s home buyers and sellers are turning to the Internet for resources. Your website is your personal online storefront and should put your best foot forward. You need a website that promotes your own brand and is hosted under your own Internet domain name. But with all the choices available, how do you decide what’s right for you?

Many agents confuse having a web page on their broker’s website with having their own Internet presence. These very basic web pages do more to promote the broker than to promote the agent. What happens if you change agencies? And do these web pages generate a lot of leads specifically for you?

Your web domain name is an important part of your brand. This can be your own name ( or a name that reflects the kind of business you do or the market you serve. It becomes a destination for prospects and clients alike to learn more about you, about your listings, and even about the community you serve. (Don’t worry; we’re here to help with all these technical details!)

A Different Approach to Real Estate Websites

You want a website that looks good and that you’ll be proud to show off. But it needs to be more than just a pretty picture. You should view your website as part of a complete system – a system that is an invaluable member of your team.

Your system should include auto-response email and drip campaigns so that you can follow up on leads efficiently. Does it come with features like a monthly newsletter? Or are these add-on features that cost more? And no matter what features it comes with, does the vendor provide an upgrade path so that you can move into a more sophisticated solution as your needs grow?

Real Pro Systems’ premium-quality websites are designed specifically for real estate and include an integrated follow-up system consisting of a monthly e-newsletter, drip email campaign capability, and a blast email tool. Many Real Pro Systems solutions also incorporate stealth marketing lead generation, an agent blog, and an online home-showing feedback tool.