Part One:  How to Star, Hide or Pin a Post  Part Two: Add a Milestone or Create an Event  When it comes to managing your Facebook business page, and creating true engagement, one of the most difficult pieces is having time to sit in front of the computer and post at what experts tells us are the most optimal times.  There have long been applications like TweetDeck and HootSuite that would allow you to schedule posts in the future, but now Facebook has built that right into the Timeline update. In order to be able to use the scheduling feature you must first add a milestone (See Part Two: Add a milestone, ask a question or create an event).
To schedule your post for a later day or time, start by filling in your status as you normally would in the status box.  Locate and click on the clock symbol in the bottom left hand corner of the status box.
Clicking the clock will open options to add the year, then the month, the date and then the time of day to schedule the post. Once your status has been added, and the date and time set, hit schedule.
After the post has been scheduled you will receive a message confirming your scheduled message and instructions on how to edit, or cancel the upcoming post from your Activity log in your Admin Panel.


A post on Facebook has approximately a two hour shelf life and so there are several types of posts that can benefit from being scheduled ahead of time as not to clog the news feed of your fans with multiple notifications at one time.  Scheduling posts is a fast and convenient way to spread out your Facebook posts for the most impact. Posts to Schedule: • Upcoming open houses (2-3 week prior to the open house) • Space out new listings over a couple of days to give each listing the most impact • Blot posts or links to real estate news articles • Event posts Come back next week for our fourth and final in this Facebook Business Page Tips and Tricks Series where we show you how to disable messaging on your business page.