In today’s post, our final post on Facebook business page tips and tricks, it is time to decide whether or not you’d like your Facebook business page to accept private messages.  The latest version of the business page Timeline has a feature that allows businesses to receive private messages for the first time.  This is in addition to the ability to post on wall. Just like you would see on a personal Facebook profile, the end user sees a “Message” button under your cover photo, pictured below.


With messages enabled, any messages received will show in the Admin portion of your page on the upper right hand corner, like this: There are lots of great reasons to keep messages enabled on your business page; however if you feel that this feature isn’t right for your business page, or you don’t have the resources to keep up with private messages, there is a very simple way to disable them through your Admin panel.



In the Admin panel, simply hit the Edit Page tab and select “Manage Permissions”.   By simply unchecking the “Message” button the button will no longer show on your business page.

With messaging enabled, there are a few things for business page owners to note, Facebook has put a few restrictions in place to prevent spam and to protect the user privacy.

  • As a business page you cannot initiate a message to a user, the fan must be the one to initiate the conversation via private message.
  • Message ratios: for every message sent to a page by a fan, you can only respond twice.  If the conversation will need more back and forth communication, it may be that exchanging emails would be a better mode of communication.
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