If you have a personal Facebook profile and a business page, chances are you already know how to do all of the regular stuff like add/delete friends, update your status, your wall and profile- but you can do more!   There are some pretty cool features that Facebook has added recently that make using your page easier that we would like to share with you.  We will cover several topics over a series of four posts that include:  

Star, hide or pin a post

• Add a milestone, ask a question or create an event 

• Control who can see a post and how to schedule a post for later 

• Disable messaging to your page 


Part One:  How to Star, Hide or Pin a Post

Star a Post: Highlight a post by giving it a star.   Starring a post will expand the post on the page to a widescreen format, drawing more attention than its un-starred counterparts.         
 Hiding a Post:  To hide a post is also a very simple thing to do. Access the “Hide from Page” option using the little pencil icon on the top right hand corner of each post that appears when hovered-over.    Note that when you hide a post, it only hides it from view in the timeline and will still appear in your Activity Log. (Note: Only an administrator of a Facebook business page can see the Activity Log.)   It isn’t a good idea to habitually hide posts on your timeline, but should the need arise you now know how to do it.    

 Pin a Post: It’s important to understand exactly what “pinning” is and how it works, because it is the main way in which your page is customized.   

Use this feature to capture leads or inspire action.   Essentially “pinning” takes a status message of your choice and bringing it to the top of the page, even above a more current status update.   A pinned post will have an orange bookmark in the top left corner and will appear at the top of the page, as in the picture below.     Some things to note about pinned posts are: 

•   A post cannot be both starred AND pinned

•   Only ONE post can be pinned at a time

•   Pins will last up to 7 days, after which time you will need to either re-pin the post or pin something different. 


 Ways to use this feature: 

 • Pin your most recent blog post

• Pin a favorite quote or testimonial

• Pin an upcoming event or open house

• Pin your email home search or CMA services forms 

• Pin a photo or a video with an action such as: “Like our page to find out about our events first” or “Visit our website to see more of our featured listings” 

Come back next week for Part Two:  Add a milestone, ask a question or create an event.   Learn more about Real Pro Systems Facebook Business pages