Part One:  How to Star, Hide or Pin a Post  Making the most of your Facebook business page means knowing how to use all of the great tools that they offer, in our previous post we covered how to star, hide and pin a post.  In this post we will walk through adding a milestone, asking a question (the polling feature) and creating an offer.   In order to use the “schedule a post” feature that we will discuss in our next post, part three, we need to create at least one milestone.   Milestones are a way of telling the story of the company or organization.  As a small business owner you can use milestones to show your connection to the community, and establish the stability and growth of your company over the years.  A light box pops up and allows us to fill in all of the information we need to create a milestone: the name of the event, the location (optional), the year, the month, and the day, the story (optional).  There is also the option to hide the milestone from the newsfeed.  If you are adding several milestones at once, this might be a good option as to not clog the newsfeed of your fans.   You can also add/upload photos to each milestone. The dimensions of a milestone photo will be 843 x 403 pixels.     The milestone will be added into your timeline at the appropriate time in the company’s history.  Remember that in order to schedule a post (part three of this series) you’ll have to have set a minimum of one milestone.

Milestones include:

  • Company or office established or founded
  • Agents are Added
  • Offices or locations are opened
  • Receipt of awards or recognition
  • Launching of website or updated social presence
  • Change in leadership or established partnerships

Creating an Event  Creating an event is just as easy and can also be found under the same tab as milestones.  Clicking on offer, event opens a light box, similar to the light box you used to create a milestone, for you to fill in the event information.  You’ll add the event name or title, the basic details such as where and when.  The events feature also has options to choose from including making the guest list hidden or viewable.  It also gives options about who can write on the event wall, everyone or just the admins.    Once an event has been created it has it’s own landing page that you can use to direct people to join for more information and to let you know they’ll be in attendance. Event Ideas:  

  • Open houses
  • First-time home buyer workshops
  • Client appreciation parties

 There are so many things you can do with your Facebook Business pages!  That’s all the tips and tricks we have for this week, but come back next week for Part Three of our series:  Control Who Sees a Post and Scheduling a Post for Later.   We know Facebook and how important it is to create a Business page that not only looks good but works for you too.   Take a moment to check out RPS Facebook Business pages.  We think you’ll ‘like’ what you see.