How Real Pro Systems Began

Playhead from 1:00-2:00: Conversation about starting-up in the real estate business.
Playhead from 2:00-9:00: Conversation about how Real Pro Systems began.

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About Real Pro Systems

Real Pro Systems was founded in 2003 by two active real estate agents and one technically-talented former agent who shared a vision for building agent solutions that went way beyond the basic websites offered by other vendors. Since they couldn’t find a solution that met their unique needs, they built one! The result was an agent system that pioneered the concept of stealth website lead generation, incorporated an automated follow-up system, and presented a clean, crisp website. Leading agents quickly embraced the concept, and Real Pro Systems was a profitable enterprise from its very first month of operation.

    • Real Pro Systems was founded by real estate agents, so we understand what makes your business unique.
    • We listen. Our product development decisions are driven by feedback from our clients.
    • Real Pro Systems offers complete integrated marketing systems. Lead generation, consolidation of leads from multiple sources, and follow-up tools are all incorporated into your Real Pro Systems’ solution.
    • Our systems grow with your growing business. Whether you are a new agent just getting started, a seasoned professional, or the leader of a team, Real Pro Systems has a solution for you today and an upgrade path for tomorrow.

By paying careful attention to our clients and truly listening to what they have to say, Real Pro Systems has grown from “a few people in a back room” to a sizable staff with state-of-the art tools and hosting infrastructure. Yet in spite of our growth, we continue to emphasize a “high-touch” approach to our relationship with our clients.

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Our Advantage

For over ten years, Real Pro Systems has provided real estate agents and teams with complete web-based systems and support empowering them to grow their businesses online. Integrated solutions include basic website systems for individual agents, advanced internet marketing systems for experienced agents, and highly-capable team and broker systems that incorporate advanced lead generation and management, full CRM functionality, and transaction management. Backed by acclaimed client support and professional services, Real Pro Systems embodies the ideals of high-tech and high-touch for the real estate market.

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We are available from 7am-5pm MST Monday through Friday. 400 S Colorado Blvd Ste #790 Denver, CO, 80246



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Real Pro Systems Agent’s Success Stories

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Real Estate Websites - Agent Success Stories - Jason Bowman
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Closed $85,670 in gross commissions…

“We have closed $85,670 in gross commissions from our RPS Gold site alone. Our marketing expenditures for this program have totaled $5,380 YTD, which represents a 94% return on investment. We would have never had the opportunity to serve these clients without our RPS Gold Site. What’s more is that we will enroll these new clients in our client appreciation follow-up programs and will continue to earn referrals for years to come.”

– Jason Bowman – VIEW SITE

Learn More About This System!

Their customer service is outstanding…

“Real Pro Systems offers the working agent a solution to affordable, good quality website support that is user-friendly, even for those who are not technologically savvy. Their customer service is outstanding and no matter what the question is, they find the answer in a quick, professional manner.”

– Nate Martinez – VIEW SITE

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