Real Estate SEO

Real Pro Systems knows that being found online takes a lot more than having a website. When considering real estate SEO, there are several factors that determine whether your website has a chance of ranking well. Among these are the website architecture itself, the content of the website, the specific formatting of that content with SEO in mind, and the “technical settings” such as metatags, description, page title, etc.

Real Estate SEO
Real Estate SEO

Website Architecture and SEO

Amazingly, many real estate websites are still developed with very old tools. These create pages that are difficult for search engines to “read.” You would be shocked to learn of the well-known names in this industry whose website have many pages that are completely invisible to search engines. The most common example of this is sites that use “frames” to show featured properties, rendering them invisible. You’d think established website companies would know more about real estate SEO.

Website Content and SEO

As the saying goes, “Content is King.” The easiest way to attract search engines is to “give ‘em what they’re looking for.” You need pages that address the needs and interests of your marketing niche(s). When your page has information that is relevant to a search term, it deserves to be found. Having a website that makes it easy to add custom pages is critical for real estate SEO.

The ability to customize content and navigation of the Real Pro Systems websites supports the second type of online visibility or authority that a website needs in order to be found online. Search engines are constantly ranking or indexing sites based on algorithms that determine relevance of any number of sites. Relevance in part is determined by the content; which is graded on relevance to the site topic, amount and freshness of that content. Our RPS Gold package not only has the flexibility to allow for an unlimited number of new content pages, but it is paired up with an integrated agent blog that is a fast and easy way to add fresh, relevant content to your site.

Formatting of Content and SEO

There is a technique to writing content for web pages that “sprinkles” your keywords throughout the page. This “keyword density” is a critical technique to develop when writing a web page. It confirms to the search engine that this is a legitimate page about the topic. Using keywords wisely in your text and choosing these to be consistent with your “technical settings” is critical to a search engine “believing” that your web page is really about what you claim.

Technical Settings and SEO

The establishment of a keyword strategy throughout the website needs to be implemented. Normally this is a tedious manual process performed by a web programmer. However, Real Pro Systems’ websites automate much of this. When you buy a website from us, it comes preset with a powerful keyword strategy that sets up every page on the site. You can easily make global changes to these settings that will propagate to every page on the site, or you can tune individual pages. These settings include keywords, metadescription, page titles, H1 headings, and more.We have researched and designed a keyword hierarchy that features your local area with proven keywords for the real estate market. This is implemented for you at no additional charge when you purchase a Real Pro Systems website, even with our introductory product, RPS Silver PLUS.

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