In today’s rebounding Real Estate market, attracting sellers and garnering listings is highly competitive. Agents looking for an edge have discovered that unbranded, or “stealth” marketing sites are a tremendously successful way to interest sellers. One of the key engagement tools included in Real Pro Systems’ stealth site for seller lead generation is SmartZip CMA.

A homeowner interested in selling their home can visit a seller stealth website where they can request a CMA. While the results are presented right away, in order to see the results the visitor is required to register, providing their name and email address.

While SmartZip CMA is a powerful tool to connect with sellers, many agents have questions about the technology, how it functions, and how it fits into your RPS system toolbox.

What is a SmartZip CMA report?
A SmartZip CMA report provides an estimated home value range, computed using a proprietary algorithm based on hundreds of distinct variables on over 80 million residential homes across 56,000 U.S. neighborhoods. The report displays an interactive format where users can update the home details and select similar homes (comps) to improve the accuracy of the estimate. The report also provides an overview of neighborhood ratings.

Where does the data come from?
The SmartZip database is built on public county records that are licensed from one of the largest and most reputed vendors in the industry. Other data sets related to neighborhood, community, demographics, schools, economic factors, housing supply, risks, crime, etc. are aggregated from over a dozen trusted vendors and public sources.

How often is the data updated?
The data is updated as frequently as possible, depending on the availability of new data from the county public records. This can range from a few weeks to multiple months in different areas.

Why does the SmartZip system fail to return a report for some addresses?
SmartZip has over 80 million properties in their database which covers 90% of the residential homes in the US. When properties are not found, it could be for one of several reasons:

• The address was entered wrong in search bar and doesn’t standardize to the database
• The property is not recorded by the county
(*Note: Condo units often have this issue when only certain units are recorded while other are not, or unit numbers are missing from county records)
• The property did not have sufficient info for SmartZip to create a CMA report

In all cases, please report the address not found and we will dig into it – we strive for continuous improvement. You can report missing home data to your Real Pro Systems client care representative.

Why is the bedroom, bathroom or square footage data missing or incomplete on some SmartZip CMA reports?
The most common cause of this issue is missing data from the county records. If you have any questions about the data available on a CMA report, please contact your Real Pro Systems client care representative.

If I use SmartZip in conjunction with a stealth marketing site to generate seller leads, do those leads have access to the CMA report immediately after registration?
Yes. Users that register on your SmartZip stealth site can review the full CMA report on screen immediately after registration.

Do my SmartZip CMA leads receive an email version of the CMA report?
Yes. Users that register on your SmartZip stealth site will receive an email with the initial CMA report on the first day of registration. They will also receive an updated CMA report every 30 days (the frequency of this update can be adjusted up/down from your RPS back office).

Can I automatically subscribe my SmartZip CMA Leads to an email drip campaign?
Yes. By default your SmartZip leads will be subscribed to the RPS provided CMA and SmartZip (which sends each lead an updated CMA report every 30 days) drip email campaigns. You can change the drip campaigns that your SmartZip CMA leads are subscribed to inside your RPS back office.

Can I view the home information requested by a SmartZip lead?
Yes. The home information requested is saved with each SmartZip lead as form history. You can review this at any time from inside your RPS back office. You will also receive a lead notification with all of the lead and home information for each lead submission.

Can I customize my SmartZip CMA stealth site?
Yes. We offer a number of customization options, including a custom stealth site image or changes to the stealth site banner text. Please contact your Real Pro Systems client care representative for additional information about customization options.

Can I bulk import leads into the SmartZip system?
We do not currently support importing CMA leads into the SmartZip system, but we are looking into this as a feature enhancement for a future system release.

Can I preview a stealth marketing site?
Yes! You are welcomed and encouraged to visit for a closer look at a seller stealth marketing site in conjunction with SmartZip CMA.

How do I take advantage of this amazing tool?
SmartZip CMA (and stealth marketing sites in general) is available to RPS Gold PLUS and RPS Platinum clients. If you are interested in learning more about how this powerful lead generation tool can work for you, please contact our knowledgeable sales consultants at 541-743-8510, email, or simply complete the information request form on any page of our website.