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Mobile-Friendly vs a True Mobile Website

As the mobile space continues to see unprecedented growth it has been said that in all likelihood more people on the planet own a cell phone than a toothbrush.  Experts predict that by 2013, more searches will be done from hand held devices than from desktops. So ask yourself “Am I ready for mobile”?   [...]

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Facebook Business Pages Tips & Tricks: Part Four: Disable Messaging on Your Business Page

It is time to decide whether or not you’d like your Facebook business page to accept private messages. The latest version of the business page Timeline has a feature that allows businesses to receive private messages for the first time. This is in addition to the ability to post on wall.

Facebook Business Pages Tips & Tricks: Part Three: Scheduling a Post for Later

When it comes to managing your Facebook business page, and creating true engagement, one of the most difficult pieces is having time to sit in front of the computer and post at what experts tells us are the most optimal times. There have long been applications like TweetDeck and HootSuite that would allow you to schedule posts in the future, but now Facebook has built that right into the Timeline update.

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Facebook Business Page Tips & Tricks: Part Two Add a Milestone, or create an event.

Part One: How to Star, Hide or Pin a Post Making the most of your Facebook business page means knowing how to use all of the great tools that they offer, in our previous post we covered how to star, hide and pin a post. In this post we will walk through adding a milestone, asking a question (the polling feature) and creating an offer. In order to use the “schedule a post” feature that we will discuss in our next post, part three, we need to create at least one milestone. Milestones are a way of telling the story of the company or organization. As a small business owner you can use milestones to show your connection to the community, and establish the stability and growth of your company over the years.

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Facebook Business Page Tips & Tricks

If you have a personal Facebook profile and a business page, chances are you already know how to do all of the regular stuff like add/delete friends, update your status, your wall and profile- but you can do more! There are some pretty cool features that Facebook has added recently that make using your page easier that we would like to share with you. We will cover several topics over a series of four posts that include: • Star, hide or pin a post • Add a milestone, ask a question or create an event • Control who can see a post and how to schedule a post for later • Disable messaging to your page

Real Pro Systems and America’s Home Rescue Join Forces

Real Pro Systems (RPS) announced today that it has entered into an exclusive joint venture with America’s Home Rescue (AHR), the leading short sale training and certification provider for real estate agents and escrow officers.  Under the terms of the agreement, the Real Estate Masters Guild division of RPS becomes the exclusive sales and marketing [...]

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Use Social Media to Your SEO Advantage

Today we take a look at how to use social media to your SEO advantage. As the internet becomes more social and interactive, it's becoming ever important that our online marketing strategy has a social approach as well. Did you realize Facebook has over 850 million users, Twitter has over 465 million, LinkedIn has over 130 million and Google+ has topped 100 million users? This is a huge pool of potential visitors that you should be taping into.

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Facebook Insights-Do You Know What Content People Engage With?

Just like any analytics program, Facebook Insights, provides page owners with the metrics around their content to help understand trends and develop better content.   There are a few things to know about Insights before we start diving into the details.The first is that Insights is only available to pages with more than 30 likes- so [...]

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Five Tips for Using Facebook over the Holidays!

The holiday season can be stressful and the last thing on your mind is how you’ll use your Facebook business page- don’t worry, we’ve thought about it for you and come up with five tips on using Facebook over the holidays. Tip #1:  Highlight Holiday Events- This time of year there are a thousand different [...]

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Wishing You and Yours a Happy Holiday Season

From our family to yours, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and joyous holiday season. ~The Real Pro Systems Team

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