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The Most Powerful Tool You Might Not Know You Already Have

When it comes to lead generation there are no one-size-fits all plans. Reality is that most agents are using multiple sources to ensure that lead flow is consistent and that they are not dependent on a single source. Unfortunately when you generate leads in different places, you are often reliant on different systems to follow [...]

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A Look Back at 10 Years of Our Web Design

Our web design has had many different twists and turns since we began this journey in 2003. And while we were fortunate enough to skip the early 1990’s when websites were exclusively text-based, we’ve had our share of “ohhh, did we really do that?” moments along the way. We are truly thankful for just how [...]

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What is SmartZip CMA?

In today’s rebounding Real Estate market, attracting sellers and garnering listings is highly competitive. Agents looking for an edge have discovered that unbranded, or “stealth” marketing sites are a tremendously successful way to interest sellers. One of the key engagement tools included in Real Pro Systems’ stealth site for seller lead generation is SmartZip CMA. [...]

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What We Think We Do

Early last month, on a rare occasion that our entire team is in the same place at the same time, we decided to try a little experiment. We’ve all seen those posters that say: “What society thinks I do” “What my friends think I do” “What my mom thinks I do” “What I think I [...]

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Meet Our Leadership (Part One)

It’s funny how time plays tricks on us. Ten years feels like a lifetime and like yesterday all wrapped in one. Real Pro Systems is somewhat of an accidental company. If you had told the founders that they would one day start an industry leading web solutions company, they might have laughed at you. Back [...]

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Ten Year Anniversary of Real Pro Systems

Presenting the story of Real Pro Systems, to date, told in an infographic. Ten years ago this month, Real Pro Systems opened it's doors and has been serving agents across the country ever since. Real Pro Systems' products have changed tremendously over the past decade. Rather than rely on legacy systems or outdated technology, the [...]

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We Want YOU! Real Pro Systems Users Groups in February

During the month of February, Real Pro Systems will be hosting two user’s groups! These will be a pair of great evenings filled with like-minded agents along with great food and drink. There is no cost for these events and we can’t wait to see you there.

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When RPS Platinum knows where it all goes- that’s logistics.

The University of Oregon doesn’t have the only team in Oregon that knows logistics! The business of helping people buy and sell real estate is a complicated one with lots of moving parts. From initial awareness, lead generation, winning a listing, managing a team, and closing a deal; each individual activity can boost your bottom line. But in isolation none of these activities will help you succeed; you do these simultaneously and more. In order to manage it all and to focus your resources and staff to deliver the highest ROI possible, it takes logistics.

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Once in a Lifetime

Howard Brinton was one of those people who come along once in a lifetime. His passing this past week from a long battle with prostate cancer is felt by the many who knew him, admired him, and loved him like family. The world lost a pretty amazing man who taught an industry how to connect and share to grow in their businesses and in their lives. Here at Real Pro Systems we feel that loss. Many of our own are grieving this loss and here are a few words from them.

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Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

I don’t know how I let this happen to me each and every year but I’m finding it hard to believe that in a few short days the holiday season will official be here. It seems like just last week it was sunny and warm (my recent vacation isn't helping me with this) and yet evidence is all around. The leaves turning beautiful hues of orange and red and falling to the ground and coupled with the copious amounts of wind and rain would indicate otherwise. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because we are reminded to focus on the things that we are thankful for, well that and turkey, but mostly being thankful.

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