“But I’m too busy to tweet!” We hear this all the time when we coach clients through social media strategy. Many of us are on Facebook frequently, for social and business reasons, but the thought of logging into Twitter and trying to figure out what to say once we get there, wears us out. Here’s a little secret: you can set up your Facebook account to load your business page posts over to your Twitter stream! If you don’t have a Twitter account, go get one. Now. It’s easy and it’s free. Here’s how how to cross-post from your Facebook business page over to your twitter account:


  • On the far top right corner of your home page, click the drop down arrow next to the “Home” button.


  • In the drop down menu, click on the “Use Facebook as Page” link.

You’ll see a screen pop up that will show your personal profile and your business page. It will also show the twitter account associated with it (you fill this in when you set up your Facebook Business Page.)
I am an admin. on the Real Pro Systems Fan Page. I’ve already pressed the “Link to Twitter” button in this screen shot, below. Once I pressed the button, the link goes live, and says I’m linked to Twitter!
Once you’ve linked your Facebook business page to Twitter, whenever you’re logged in as your business page, your posts will automatically appear in your Twitter stream. If they’re longer than 140 characters, they will be shortened, and the first few words plus a short link to the rest of the post will appear in your Twitter stream. Viewers will see part of your post, and can click it to read the entire post. I’ve been using Twitter and Facebook for many years, and I’ve found that I have different audiences on each platform. So cross posting works well for me. It allows me to engage both audiences at once, and spread the content that I’m pushing, and content created by others that I think my readers will enjoy. Happy Facebook Tweeting!