When you have a team of folks working with you, trust is a critical ingredient in team success. And many of you entrust team members or virtual assistants with the ability to log into your Real Pro agent system and make changes. Have you ever thought about the harm a trusted team member could cause if s/he left the team on unpleasant terms?

What if someone had access to your account and deleted all of your leads? Or changed the page content on your website out of malicious intent? Think it can’t happen? It has happened, and we don’t want it to happen to you!

First of all, make sure your team understands that Real Pro Systems can track most activity in your account and generally report how and when changes came to be made. So if someone wants to make unauthorized changes, much of the time they will be traceable. While making that known might discourage someone from trying something, please adopt the following simple security practice at a minimum:

Every time someone leaves your team, or if you change virtual assistants, take 20 seconds and change the password on your Real Pro Systems account.

This simple precaution may save you (and us!) a lot of time, money and grief.

Ask yourself, “How many people have login access to my system now, including those who no longer work with me?”  Don’t wait, change your password now. Just log into your Silver, Gold, or Platinum system as shown.