When you are building your business online one of the most critical components to consider is your web presence.  Sometimes your website just needs your attention to make it better.  But other times, the core issue is your web solutions provider.  How do you decide when it’s time to to switch providers?  Here are five signs that it is time to look elsewhere…

1. You can’t easily update your website.

There is no question that you should have the ability to easily make changes and add content to your site yourself.  Relying on a vendor to make changes or add content on your behalf puts you at the mercy of their schedule.  You need easy to use content management tools that you can access over the web any time.  One of the greatest strengths of the Internet is the ability to get new information fast.  Your website should  incorporate a blog integrated into the platform so you can easily add “informal” content as well.

2. Your website is difficult or impossible to be found by the search engines.

There are a significant number of vendors who are continuing to use old or outdated code that makes websites practically invisible to the search engines.  You may not expect this, but some well-established website companies use technology that is so outdated, that a modern search engine can’t actually see the content it contains!  When your website is built correctly and you make frequent content updates, it can climb in the search engine rankings.

3. You built it yourself

It might be that you were persuaded by a website provider’s promise of zero setup and ended up with a DIY or Do It Yourself website or it might be that you found what you thought would be great software at a great price.  Remember you get what you pay for… However you ended up building your own site, there are components you miss out on when your site isn’t built by a professional.  It could be any number of things from search engine optimization issues, to the lack of follow up tools that would be present if your site was designed by a professional.

4. Your website takes too long to load.

If your website pages load slowly your visitors will have a poor experience and form a poor impression of your services.  .  Sometimes your web vendor doesn’t have adequate server capacity, and sometimes the web page design is outdated or poorly executed, resulting in slow load times.  Either way, this reflects on you, or you need to take action to correct this.

5. Your website is out of date (design and/or functionality.

Are you embarrassed to show your website?   Is your branding fresh and appealing?  Websites that are old or poorly designed reflect terribly on you and your business, giving only negative impressions.  Having a well designed, fresh, attractive and functional website conveys the right message and makes for a great user experience!

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