I’ve followed business and real estate coaches for many years and one of the universal truths that are built into their systems for success is:

Stay connected to your client base.

Your client base is a gold mine for referrals (read: more closed business).  From happy clients you’ve helped find a home to happy clients you’ve helped sell a home, you have a valuable source of referrals and word-of-mouth support.

take your business to the next level with Real Pro SystemsIn order to maximize your database, here are some tips from the experts:

  1. Get a Database Management System. Pick out what you think is the best system and then use it. Add every single contact you have into that system. Then add notes for each person: like how you met them, their family size, if they bought/sold with you, etc. This step is very important because when you speak with them later on, you can reference those key moments and will be able to build rapport. NOTE: People love being remembered! – Tom Ferry
  2. If you want to make your business big, you’ve got to make your focus small. Make a list of all the people you know or have done business with. Go see them! Take them for a coffee. Go to lunch. Pop-by their home. Let them know you’re there. Let them know you value the relationship. – Brian Buffini
  3. Establish yourself as a client resource.  Create your website, where your current and referral clients can go to learn more about you and the services you offer. However, most agents make the mistake of doing only that and no more; in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to go beyond displaying your services. You need to use your website, blog, and social media to become a valuable resource with pertinent, helpful information. – Mark Cordy
  4. Never forget that you’re the local real estate market expert. No data-driven, engineering solution from a large real estate portal can compete with your local knowledge. Only a local expert like you can create quality content that you can use to connect with your clients and to position yourself as the dominant local agent. – Ross Hair
  5. There is no shortage of real estate leads, there is a shortage of conversions. The challenge in the real estate industry is incubating those leads until they get further down the sales cycle. – Dean Cacioppo **Editors note: check out our new App feature!

 With 2016 winding down, agents are ready to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.  We’d love to chat with you to see how Real Pro Systems can help you move to the next level in 2017!  Call or chat with us to learn more!